Rants of a lonely soul

“I’ve always wondered how, if we were to die tomorrow, our chats will be remembered.” It is not always that you find yourself in the company of a person with whom you can stoop down to the dirtiest of ditches and suddenly jump light-years away to distant galaxies and parallel universes. The shit you’re going…Read more Rants of a lonely soul


This one’s for you

It's been a while since I've posted anything and for this reason, I wanted this one to be special. I thought, for a change, to be radical, to not conform to the rules and structure, to scribble down whatever I felt like and I came out to be this piece. You can call it whatever…Read more This one’s for you

Everyday Trek

“Run Kathy, it’s getting closer. Please wake up. Come with me. Wake up!!!!” cried Nandhini vainly, trying to bring her friend back to her senses. She stood there stunned, frozen like a statue as if she were under Medusa’s spell. The sky was starless and the moon hid under the clouds not wanting to witness…Read more Everyday Trek

Insert title here

The blinking cursor on my screen, a weary, punished soldier, gave me a tired look. It was all worn out by the back and forth sprints and, jumping all day. The agonizing cries of my backspace filled the room. Its sole purpose became its bane. I held it down, by its spine, mercilessly, to clear…Read more Insert title here

The fallen angel

Vacantly staring into the darkness, Raj stood at the edge of the cliff. The cold iron handrails felt the warmth of his hands. Not wanting to let him go, the rails wished it could melt and hold him tight. The trees waved in the wind, telling him not to do it. The rocks wanted to…Read more The fallen angel